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The geographical diversity of the Master CoDe students is displayed in the figures and statistical diagrams below which represents the 10 edition student cohorts of the programme since its institution. Since 2001, 259 students attended the master programme: 161 from Europe, 26 from Africa, 63 from Asia and 9 from America. Women participation in the programme has so far been above 50%.

Academic Year

Europe (EU)

Europe (non-EU) Africa Asia America Total
2001/02 7 17       24
2002/03 10 15       25
2003/04 7 12       19
2004/05 7 12 1     20
2005/06 7 14 1 2   24
2006/07 1 13 1 18   33
2007/08 4 9 5 11   29
2008/09 2 9 6 11 3 31
2009/10 2 5 8 11 3 29
2010/11 5 3 4 10 2 24

Source: Master CoDe Office, Trento

Currently, edition 2014-16 hosts 9 students from Ethiopia, Uzbekhistan, Bangladesh, Serbia, Macedonia (FYROM) and Romania. 

The Master CoDe Edition 2011-13 hosted 6 students from Hungary, Italy, Ghana and China.

The Master CoDe Edition 2012-14 hosted 13 students from Hungary, Armenia, Cambodia and China).

Edition 2013-15 had 14 students from Hungary, Egypt, Greece, Latvia, Colombia, Ukraine, Philippines, Cambodia, Mexico, USA, Montenegro, Pakistan and Ethiopia.

Erasmus Mundus and Alumni Association

Erasmus Mundus Students and Alumni Association (EMA) is a community for all the Erasmus Mundus students and alumni. The mission of the Association is to serve their interests, notably by providing a forum for networking, communication and collaboration. It also offers a platform where students and alumni can exchange information and experiences. The Association contributes to the successful internationalisation of higher education by promoting Erasmus Mundus as a European programme of excellence in international education.

All CoDe students, regardless of scholarship status, can join the Erasmus Mundus Students and Alumni Association. You may register on the Association’s website.

Alumni News

Master CoDe alumni from various editions have sent in updates about what they have done since graduation and what they are involved in at present. 

We hope you will enjoy reading their news!

Alumni news - 2016-02


All international students are recommended to insure themselves in their home country. Valid health insurance for the duration of the programme is obligatory (if your health insurance card does not specifically state that it is valid for EU member states or that is valid specifically for Hungary, please ask your insurance company to supply you with an official letter to this effect as the Hungarian Immigration Authorities may need this statement when you arrive to the EU). NB: The health insurance must provide full coverage, emergency health insurance will not be accepted.

Full insurance coverage is provided for Erasmus Mundus scholarship holders by the Consortium of Master CoDe.

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